ROBIN DIES AT DAWN: Dig This Homage With an EARTH-TWO Twist!


This week’s MORRISON MONDAYS is a salute to the late Shelly Moldoff, one of Bob Kane’s best-known ghost artists. Moldoff’s birthday was Sunday — here’s a groovy 13 COVERS salute — so this week Bill Morrison provided us with this twist on 1963 classic’s Batman #156, which, coincidentally, came out 61 years ago this week (on April 18, 1963):

But hold on! You can call this a 13th Dimension team-up because our pal and colorist Walt Grogan — a guy who has a particular affinity for Earth-Two’s Grown-Up Boy Wonder — put his skills at work on this fab homage:

Daaaaammmn. Bill and Walt — the new Dynamic Duo.

Here’s the original — and Bill’s own tale of meeting Moldoff many years ago:

“In the early days of Bongo Comics, I was fortunate enough to be a guest at a comic book convention where the show promoters placed me right next to Sheldon Moldoff!” Bill sez. “At that time, I had only been a comics professional for a year or two, so I was unknown and unrecognizable. And yet, there I was sitting elbow-to-elbow with one of my heroes, the guy who drew the first Batman comics I’d ever read! I regret not bending his ear with a million questions about his career ghosting Bob Kane on my favorite comic books, but I’m sure he was glad I didn’t.

“Pictured above is the drawing that Shelly did for me while he graciously greeted fans and I twiddled my thumbs.”

By the way, Moldoff did his own recreation back in 1995:

But before you go, here are three more versions of Bill’s cover, colored by Walt — including a fab surprise:

Want more MORRISON MONDAYS? Come back next week! Want a commission? See below!


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Eisner winner Bill Morrison has been working in comics and publishing since 1993 when he co-founded Bongo Entertainment with Matt Groening, Cindy Vance and Steve Vance. At Bongo, and later as Executive Editor of Mad Magazine, he parodied the comics images he loved as a kid every chance he got. Not much has changed.

Bill is on Instagram (@atomicbattery) and Facebook (Bill Morrison/Atomic Battery Studios), and regularly takes commissions and sells published art through 4C Comics.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Bill, does that picture hang in your office? If it was in mine, I’d get zero work done. How fortunate you are! What a great piece.

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    • Yes, it does, but it’s opposite my desk so there’s no temptation to stare at it all day!

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      • Shelly was kind of enough to do a color drawing of myself riding with Batwoman on her cycle. I didn’t ask for it he just sent it. What a super nice man.

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  2. Did you consider the Neal Adams Robin of Earth 2 Uniform or was the Infantino design always your choice?

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    • It was the choice of the person who commissioned the piece.

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