One of our own is making the leap to the flatscreen with a companion show to AMC’s “Comic Book Men”!

Photo by McKay Imaging Gallery

Photo by McKay Imaging Gallery

Rob Bruce, as you probably know, is the dude the guys at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash call when they need an expert opinion on something toy or pop-culture-related when haggling with customers on the show.

What perhaps you didn’t know is that Rob is 13th Dimension publisher Cliff Galbraith’s partner in Asbury Park Comicon and NY Comic Fest.

Anyway, Stash owner/filmmaker/podcaster/bon vivant Kevin Smith talked to the Hollywood Reporter today about what he’s got coming with AMC — and Rob figured large in the piece.

So here’s Rob to give you more about his as-yet-unnamed show, starting this fall.

Rob with Ming on "Comic Book Men."

Rob with Ming on “Comic Book Men.”

Dan Greenfield: How awesome is this? You must be pretty stoked! What’s going through your mind?

Rob Bruce: I have a ringing in my ears and my blood pressure …  But seriously, 14 months in the works and 8 months of creative, and 2 months of shooting and now I’m overjoyed. Couldn’t be more thankful to Kevin Smith and the guys of “Comic Book Men,” Brian, Walt, Mike and Ming for all their support.

Just wish my dad was alive to see this because he would just be scratching his head and saying, “How can this be happening?”

So how did this all come together?

The Stash is my local comic book shop, and I was born in Red Bank, N.J. So when they started the idea of “Comic Book Men,” I was asked to be the on-air expert. I also work as a consulting producer on the series. Everything’s evolved from that.

Where are you traveling? Can you tell us some of the cities? 

Primarily we’ll concentrate on New Jersey. We’ll be going to Philadelphia and NYC.

Tell people how this will be different than “Toy Hunter.”

We’re an ensemble cast, and we don’t focus on just toys. Plus, it’s not just about the value of the items, but that’s all I can say on that.

Will there be guest stars?

No, at first. We’ve got an interesting cast of characters to begin with.

When’s my episode? I have a whole comic book room!

Perhaps you should call the “Comic Book Men,” I have their number if you need it.

What’s your Secret Origin?

As a child at the age of 6, I was given a Batman cap bomb … it started there. That and Amazing Spider-Man #101, the first comic I ever bought with my own money.

Not Rob's copy.

Not Rob’s copy.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Anyone holding a RIchard Corben comic book in the opening photo has my respect. I am excited to check out this new show.

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  2. Holy cow, that Spider-Man was one of my first comics too! I forgot all about it until i saw the vampire. i used to practice drawing that guy.

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    • So cool so happy for everyone Robert t Bruce is king of toys @ our house ha ha !!

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  3. Rob Bruce is the walking Wikipedia of the Comic Book / Toy World.

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  4. That dudes an ASS.. He ripped my little nephew off years ago when he had his little toy shop in red bank.. Sold him a figure from the case, tells us he wants to clean the dust off it and takes it in back then comes out and puts it in the bag and we leave.. He switched the figure on him and put a figure that had a broken antenna and paint chips off it.. It was a G1 Kickback figure.. Guys NO toy expert, more like expert scam artist.

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  5. So is this show going to air, or did I miss it??

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