REVIEWS! Four Books We Dig This Week!

Jen picks ’em …


DC Comics Bombshells #10. What a great romp of a book. This is the end of the Allies and Enemies storyline. Nazis! The Baroness is up to no good and she has no mercy — and she rides a wicked cool winged demon horse as well! Zatanna is doing her best to help from within the Joker’s Daughter’s cabaret — and behind it all is Tenebrus, pulling the strings. Loving the team of writer Marguerite BennettLaura Braga and Marguerite Sauvage on art and J. Nanjan and Jeremy Lawson on colors. This title is one our more consistent sell-outs each issue.


Another Castle #1 Oni Press. This book by writer Andrew Wheeler and artist Paulina Ganucheau is not your usual prince-hating Disney princess tale. Princess Misty seems at peace with her potential marriage to Pete, but she doesn’t necessarily believe that he can protect the kingdom (and herself) as well as she can. Badlus is the enemy of the kingdom and the presumed murderer of her mother, the Queen, but I’m not sure everything is as it seems. Is it wrong that I am hoping that Badlus is really the good guy and that he and Princess Misty fall in love? I’m a sucker for a storyline twist. The art is beautiful and full of rich primary colors and deep pastels. A great book to get your kids hooked on reading.


Avengers: Standoff — Assault on Pleasant Hill: Alpha #1, Marvel. This book is one of 15 in the Avengers: Standoff event that will last through the end of April and include all of the Avengers-related titles, Captain America: Sam Wilson and an issue of Illuminati. It’s really hard to write about this book and not give away major spoilers, but Bucky, Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Commander Steve Rogers are all working to expose what Maria Hill has been up to. She’s essentially doing the same things that Director Fury would do — operate in non-truths and secrets and try to hold SHIELD together. She thinks she has everything under control, but … This is a great beginning, so go ahead and jump in.


The Discipline #1 Image Comics. Writer Peter Milligan and artist Leandro Fernandez (with Cris Peter and Simon Bowland) owe me dinner and a movie, cause they went straight to third base with this one. Buttoned-up wife Melissa, bored with her life and inattention from her busy millionaire husband, is seduced into some kind of cultish erotica by a mysterious man named Orlando. This is definitely a mature-audiences book, with nudity, language and adult themes. Fans of the Image title Sex Criminals will love this book.


Jen King owns Space Cadets Collection Collection, a comics shop in Oak Ridge North, Texas.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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