REVIEW: Winter is Coming — Drink This Beer

Hey, it’s Friday! We review the “Game of Thrones” stout! Why? Because it’s our site and we can do what we want! Enjoy!

Boozehound Eric Lenkowitz of the New York Post stops by to tout the “Game of Thrones” stout. But “Game of Thrones” is a TV show, you say. It’s a series of books, you say. Yes, we also read books and watch TV around here. Plus, Game of Thrones is a comic from Dynamite Entertainment, too. So there. Now here’s Eric:

Any beermaker can throw the title of a super popular TV show on its label and make an easy buck on name recognition.

But once in a while, a stunt like that hits the nail directly on the head.

Ommegang‘s Game of Thrones “Take the Black Stout” is just such an example.


Packing a 7% punch worthy of the Night’s Watch, the worst part about this fine dark offering is that it is only for a limited time.

The drinker is immediately whisked to the icy perch of “The Wall” and can picture sipping this brew alongside the likes of Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly while looking out for the White Walkers of the north.

No matter how cold it is served, this thick beer is instantly warming to the drinker. The brewer’s tasting notes are spot on, delivering the promised “deep black, almost opaque, hue with a full tan head. Deep aromas of dark chocolate, caramel malt and earthy hops, with light roastiness and a touch of fruitiness. Rich flavors of chocolate, coffee and roasted malt. Clean hop bitterness converges with a slight woody character and spiciness. The finish offers a rich malt sweetness giving way to spicy earthiness.”

“Take the Black Stout” should be served in a wide, goblet-style glass and sipped slowly to savor the intense scope of flavors.

And if it makes you pick up a sword and slay a zombie or two, all the better!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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