REVIEW: The Hippest WONDER WOMAN On the Shelf

DC Collectibles‘ statue based on the art of Robert Valley is like a Tarantino fever dream without the bad words.




The short-lived run of DC Nation animated shorts was highlighted by Robert Valley‘s retro cool Wonder Woman, a three-part, three-minute epic that made you want so much more.

If you never saw it, here are the three segments. If you have seen it, enjoy it again:



Gal Gadot notwithstanding, this is a feature-length version of Wonder Woman I really wanna see — animated or live action. (First choice for Diana? Rosario Dawson.) Or gimme a graphic novel! Or both!

None of that’s likely, but I am pleased that DC Collectibles recognized just how cool Valley‘s knee-sock-wearing, cowboy-booted WW is. Out now is a lithe 8 1/2-inch statue that’s part of the company’s Wonder Woman Art of War series.


‘s interpretation lends itself well to this treatment: You get all the proper lines and all the exaggerated angles that make this version so unique.

With lean limbs and long neck, the imagery recalls elements of African statuary, giving the sculpt a higher-end, fine-art appeal. This would look great on a collector’s shelf — but also wouldn’t be out of place on a mantel or an office desk.


She’s cool in her beach T and shorts, and stylish in her hoop earrings and headband, taking the place of her tiara.



The statue, which retails for about $80, comes with a standard WW base. Pegs ensure that she stands firmly in place.

The only thing missing? Her invisible Charger.

Though maybe we just can’t see it.




Author: Dan Greenfield

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