The Jedi return home.


Star Wars #1. Writer: Jason Aaron. Artist: John Cassaday. Colorist: Laura Martin.

Welcome home, Star Wars, it’s been a long time. Before I talk about how enjoyable Star Wars #1 was, I want to express my admiration for the work all the fine folks at Dark Horse did with the license, particularly at the end when the Horse was producing some of the finest Star Wars comics in history. But, and sales attest to this, there is something about seeing that Marvel logo on a Star Wars comic — especially given the new corporate connections. Nevertheless, a logo does not a great comic make. That’s done by the creators, and in this issue, the Force is strong with Aaron and Cassaday. Now, there isn’t anything groundbreaking here. There’s nothing shocking or even slightly surprising, just two creators who completely understand the aesthetic of that galaxy far, far away. Aaron nails the voices of the key players of the saga, particularly Han Solo. Cassaday channels his inner Ralph McQuarrie, including some awesome visual cues that will delight long time Star Wars fans. The story is simple, the action intense, and it feels like one hell of a ride through hyperspace.

Grade: A


Author: 13th Dimension

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