Without a Marvel event to sink his teeth into, Marc Buxton will be lending his reviewing talents to the House of Ideas‘ #1 issues, starting with …


SHIELD #1. Writer: Mark Waid. Penciler: Carlos Pacheco. Inkers: Mariano Taibo with Jason Paz. Colorist: Dono Almara.

Welcome to the Marvel Universe, May, Fitz and Simmons! SHIELD #1 is a triumph, but what else would you expect from a creative team at the level of Mark Waid and Carlos Pacheco? This first issue finds a unique purpose for a character like Phil Coulson in the Marvel comic book universe and Waid nails actor Clark Gregg‘s cadence. The story centers on a major Asgardian incursion onto Earth with just about every Marvel powerhouse taking part in the struggle, so if you ever wanted to see the TV agents mix it up with gods and monsters in a big-budget free-for-all, this is your chance. But it’s the quiet moments that Waid excels in, the moments when we are treated to seeing Coulson as a boy fascinated with the world of superheroes. This book is a perfect complement to the show and it may even surpass it.

Grade: A

Author: 13th Dimension

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