REVIEW: Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom Red Ale

Our noted beer-taster Eric Lenkowitz stops by to hoist Hellboy‘s favorite libation!



It doesn’t require a trip to the underworld to experience Rogue‘s finely crafted ale named for — and supposedly inspired by — the surly but kind-hearted superhero Hellboy.

The beer itself is pleasant and drinkable. A wave of sweet toasted caramel hits the nose at first whiff of the Right Hand of Doom Red Ale, and it doesn’t lose a beat in the mouth.

But rather than superhuman strength worthy of its namesake, this offering takes a far more gentle approach. It is smooth and slightly nutty, with a creamy finish — as if Hellboy has a softer side nobody knew.

A beer named for a muscle-bound demon — particularly his strongest feature — should pack a bit more of a punch, and carve its way down the gullet with some ferocity.

If Hellboy himself bellied up to a bar and took a slug of this brew, and wasn’t in the best mood, he might deliver a right hand of doom back to the guy who gave it to him.

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Author: 13th Dimension

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  1. Too bad Rogue screwed people out of their Hellboy Right Hand of Doom orders. Just got a vague reply email telling me Rogue had company issues shipping beer, so they just decided to cancel my order. And they probably would not have even sent that if I did not inquire. Horrible customer service.

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