REVIEW: Hasbro’s DOCTOR STRANGE SDCC Exclusive Set is Far Out

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I know almost nothing about Dr. Strange. I have never read a Dr. Strange comic book. With little exception, mystical heroes just aren’t my bag, baby.

The little I know comes from the groovy Spider-Man “Rockomic” from the early ’70s, with Rene Auberjonois as our favorite web-slinger (!). A stentorian-toned Doctor Strange makes a guest appearance and makes sure to say Eye of Agamotto and Oshtur.

He sounds great and to this day, it’s that voice I hear whenever I do come across the dear doctor. (I’m convinced that whoever signed Barleybag Cummerbund to the role grew up listening to that record.)


I saw that Hasbro’s big SDCC-exclusive set was a Doctor Strange collection. I didn’t pay it any real mind because, like I said, Doctor Strange doesn’t really make it into my orbit that often.

But then it showed up on my doorstep — and what a rad treat.


Designed to look like the Book of the Vishanti, it has pages of incantations and information on other magical Marvel characters, including those in the five-figure Marvel Legends set: Brother Voodoo, Magik, Hela, Dormammu — and an astral-form Doctor Strange.


As soon as I began to open it, I thought to myself, “There better be an Eye of Agamotto” — and there is! The other highlights are demonic Dormammu and the trippy Hela.


The set is clever and high-quality, a worthy item among the SDCC exclusives. It’s pricey at about $105 but if this is your thing, you will definitely dig it. After the convention, a limited number will be available at

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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