REVIEW: Dig These Damn Purty Apes

NECA’s first wave of Classic Planet of the Apes figures is out — and they’d make the Lawgiver proud.

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These window-boxed 7-inch bits of plastic simian splendor retail in the $18-$20 range and are well worth the price. I like the compact, attractive packaging, color-coded for each class: chimp, orangutan and gorilla. And if you want a behind-the-scenes look at how these cheeky monkeys were made, click on over here for our recent APES WEEK feature.


Roddy McDowall’s original chimp comes with a scroll, presumably so he can brush up on the sixth verse of the 29th. The detailing of his outfit is terrific, from the replica front leather piece to the frayed cuffs on down to his aperrific feet. Li’l Cornelius has the proper slouch and build, as well.


If I were to grade his face, I’d say it’s a B. He certainly looks like Cornelius, though I’m sort of put off a little by his expression. He seems either a little angry or a little befuddled. When I think of Cornelius, I think gentle intelligence, even if he’s apprehensive. But still a really good figure.



The not-so-good doctor also comes with a scroll that he can interpret to his own benefit at your very own miniature kangaroo court. And the aging minister of science/chief defender of the faith is properly paunched with a cane to surreptitiously scratch over alarming words found written in the sand.


Facewise, I’d go with a B+. He looks a little less like Maurice Evans but he’s got a more fitting expression.



This generic thug steals the Wave 1 show. From the top of his angry head down to his jackboots, this specimen truly was created in the simian lord’s image. Bandolier? Check. Rifle? Check. Club? Check.


The only thing missing? A camera on a tripod!


Great set, NECA! Can’t wait for Zira, Ursus … and that Mego-style Taylor!

The NECA figures GO APE with their Mego ancestors!

The NECA figures GO APE with their Mego ancestors!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. So cool! They all look so real and like they are ready to conquer the world!

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