REVIEW: DC’s CATWOMAN BOMBSHELL Statue is the Cat’s Meow

DC’s latest sculpture from the fertile mind of Ant Lucia is seductively simple and alluring.


I like Catwoman and I like DC’s Bombshells. Put them together and I’ll at least give something like DC Collectibles’ new statue the once over twice.

Well, thanks to HOT PICKS crew member Aimee LoSecco’s recent rave, I went and got my hands on my second Bombshells statue — the first being Mera, who’s still my favorite overall because her design is just so damn clever.


But that’s no knock on Catwoman. Bombshell Selina is done up in a classic ’40s noir femme fatale look, with kitty on her shoulder and precious jewels in her clutches. Given how Catwoman — aka the Cat — was first introduced in 1940’s Batman #1, I can certainly envision an alternate reality where DC never put a mask on her and she looked just like this statue.



Pin-ups — whether cheesecake or beefcake — overtly play with sexuality, so this is yet another example of how DC Collectibles was wise to go the statue route with the Bombshells. I find that in large measure, women comic-book characters tend to look better as statues than as action figures. It’s the smoother, rounder lines of the anatomy, I think. A porcelain cast — in this case sculpted by James Marsano — looks better than any multiple-articulation figure could, and adds a sheen of class besides.


Bombshell Catwoman will probably end up on my shelf next to DC Collectibles’ Motorcycle Catwoman, which, while not part of the Bombshells line, certainly shares a familial spirit.

To borrow an analogy from a different DC comic, Bombshell Catwoman is the Sally Jupiter to Motorcycle Catwoman’s Laurie Jupiter.

Both are beautiful and sexy but in their own era-defining ways.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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