It’s AVENGERS WEEK! Hasbro sent a box o’ swag to 13th Dimension‘s secret HQ — so we’ll show you five ways to indulge your inner Avenger!


I love getting unexpected mail, don’t you? So it was pretty awesome to find this stuffed-to-the-gills case of Avengerism on the doorstep. Let’s see what’s inside …


Pix by Sam Greenfield


The best item? Why HULK HANDS of course.


Now, you can not only smash but you can do needlepoint with these flexible green mitts. OK, not exactly. But what more do you want from a pair of massive HULK HANDS that you can open and close?

Hulk not your thing? How about a pair of Iron Man gauntlets — one complete with light-up “pulsar ray”? Repel the Mandarin! Or the actor playing him! Or the actor playing the actor playing him!


AC/DC soundtrack not included.

Then there’s Thor’s Hammer — also known as Meowmeow. This is actually a game of some kind though I haven’t figured out exactly what it is. I really don’t care. Because now that I have a hammer, I’ll hammer in the morning …


BECAUSE I AM WORTHY! And you could be too!

There’s also a Captain America mask, which I think is like the fifth one that Hasbro has made. Which is actually kinda funny since Chris Evans hardly ever wears a mask. Maybe that’s what they should do next time — make a Chris Evans mask! I’d wear THAT in a heartbeat.


Because that dude is HOT.

Lastly, there’s a Captain America shield that shoots like gyro things and stuff, which is cool I guess. They really need to get on a Captain America Boomerang Action Shield, though. Because when I throw my mighty shield, all those who choose to oppose my shield must yield. That’s hard when you’re just shooting round pinwheel thingies.


But, y’know, it’s for kids! And there are also masks for Thor, Iron Man and Hulk!

All are SRP $19.99 except for the mask, which is SRP $9.99, according to Hasbro.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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