REVIEW: Batman ’66 ALFRED Cleans Up

The gentleman’s gentleman is an action figure’s action figure — from Figures Toy Company.


Part 2 of a 3-part look at Figures Toy Company‘s Batman ’66 variants. For Part 1, a review of Dick Grayson: Undercover Agent, click here.


Alfred. Oh, Alfred.

Stoic. Loyal. Unflappable. And one of the most endearing figures in Figures Toy Company’s Batman ’66 series.

Now the one I have here is the Green Apron variant from the $175 Entertainment Earth 5-pack. Your mileage will vary on whether that’s worth your splurge.


But the good thing is that this Alfred is virtually identical to the Wave 4 Alfred due out very, very soon. The single version only lacks the apron. (So this is a review that covers both.)


This Alfred isn’t the terse, tough Alfred who was introduced to us in The Dark Knight Returns (and who was seemingly a riff on John Gielgud’s butler in the movie “Arthur”).

No, this is good ol’ Alfred, who manages to be gentle, honest and forthright, even when he’s being duplicitous while trying to guard everyone’s secret identities — Batman, Robin and Batgirl’s.

Figures Toy Company absolutely nails this one — right down to the coke-bottle glasses. (The sides of his head have an adhesive on them that allows you to set his specs in place.)

His face is at once intelligent and genial — the hallmarks of Alan Napier’s butler, who, despite what FTC writes on the card, never had a last name on the show.



Mr. A.L. Fred comes in his standard black suit, tie and polished shoes — and if you do go all in for the Green Apron variant, his jacket comes off easily, allowing you to pretend he’s cleaning up your Batcave.


Personally, I’m glad he’s going to be available as a single — apron or not — since it’d be a crime against Batdom if the only way to get him were as part of an expensive set or through online scalpers.

Because no Batman ’66 collection is complete without him.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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