Remastered 1968 FILMATION BATMAN Now Available for Digital Download

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN: Now you can play the cartoons on your devices…

The beautifully remastered 1968 Adventures of Batman cartoon series from Filmation was released in February on Blu-ray and now you can finally get it digitally, should you be so inclined.

For $19.99, all 34 segments can be downloaded via Apple TV. (That’s 5 bucks less than the disc set.)

Personally, there are only a few movies and shows that I would purchase in multiple formats, and this is one of them. I’m a believer in owning your own media where it makes sense, but there’s no beating the convenience of digital download.

Unfortunately, though, there’s no automatic upgrade or discount if you’ve downloaded it in the past. You have to pay the full price and the new versions will replace the old versions in your system.

Still, given how great these look, it’s worth it to me. You may feel differently but at least you now have the option.

Oh, one more thing: If you want a FIRST LOOK at the upcoming remastered Fleischer Superman set — and it is spectacular — check out the link below.


— FIRST LOOK: Behold the Majesty of the Remastered FLEISCHER SUPERMAN. Click here.

— FIRST LOOK: Behold the Colorful Beauty of the Remastered FILMATION BATMAN. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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