Relive That Groovy Time in 1968 When THE ARCHIES Met DON KIRSHNER

An anniversary special!

This year marks the 55th anniversary of The Archies and Archie Comics is celebrating with a special one-shot due April 6: The Archies Anniversary Spectacular #1.

The issue features the old and the new, including a fresh piece written by Tom DeFalco — a silent story illustrated by Jeff Shultz, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore and Jack Morelli.

But that’s not all! Among the vintage tales is The Music Man from 1968’s Archie #189, in which the band meets hit-machine exec Don Kirshner (who oversaw the “real” band in real life).

So dig this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of DeFalco’s Sound Off!, along with the complete The Music Man, by Frank Doyle, Harry Lucey and Bill Yoshida.

Far out!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’ve always know how influenced Jaime Hernandez was by the Archie artists, but I’m amazed how much of a Steve Rude vibe the above panels have. He must have been a fan of Harry Lucey, too.

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  2. I love the fact that The Archies are actually singing the original songs heard during Season 1 of the Filmation series. I love Harry Lucey’s work too!

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  3. I was friends with Donny and hecshared many an Archies tale with me. I’m also friends with Ron Dante, the make voices of The Archies.

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    • You also executive produced BATMAN, which is awesome.

      Ron Dante though. Great voice.

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    • Wouldn’t mind hearing a couple interesting tidbits about the Archies recording sessions.

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