R.I.P. Edward T. Summer, Opened Manhattan’s First Comic Shop

Rest In Peace Edward T Summer. Among other accomplishments the author/editor of Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His Life and Times and proprietor of the very first comic book store in Manhattan [if not NYC] in 1971, Supersnipe Comics, passed away last night, Nov 13, 2014. We believe he was 68.


Our condolences to his friends and family. He is missed. Here we see him in the 1970s when he took his friend George Lucas over to meet Frank Frazetta. Ed was also a producer of the first Conan movie and instrumental in Steranko getting the Raiders of the Lost Ark assignment from Lucas.



Special thanks to J. David Spurlock of Vanguard Productions for information and photos for this post.

Author: 13th Dimension

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  1. Dave Miley ran the first comcs shop in Manhattan, on St. Marks, in 1968. Joe Parente opened his store, Nemo’s?, in Queens in 1969, Bill Morse had his shop in Staten Island, there was a guy named One-Eyed Jim. And Mark Rindner had the first comucs art gsllery in Manhattan, around thd block from Bloomingdales, around 1976 or 7. Supersnipe was kind of late to the game.

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    • but who doesn’t,t love comics ? supersnipe the boy with the mos comic books in america was my first and best comic book ever!

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      • I bought my very first Avengers back issues from Supersnipe in 1976. I was only 9 years old and an avid collector of the Avengers since 1974, so I wrote a letter to Marvel Comics asking how to get back issues and they wrote a letter back and suggested Supersnipe.

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  1. R.I.P. Ed Summer, owner of Supersnipe Comic Book Emporium ‹ Scott Edelman - […] Though I never got to know him well, he was always a friendly guy the multiple times per month…

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