PREVIEWS: Trees #2, Mercenary Sea #5, C.O.W.L. #2

Three smaller Image titles worth a special look this week. Three!

This is a big week for Image, with releases of some of its more successful series — Saga, Invincible, Chew to name a few — as well as the much-anticpated release of Outcast, Robert Kirkman’s new horror series.  But there is a lot more this week besides these heavy-hitters, and they are worth the time to take a look.

For instance, Warren Ellis, longtime luminary, is doing a series about alien trees. As in giant alien trees just drop onto the planet Earth and the world is left to deal with the consequences and the overwhelming unknown. The series so far is a novel take on the notion of scale and human placement in the broader universe.  So, without further ado, a preview of Issue #2:



Trees02_Cover Trees02_Page1 Trees02_Page2 Trees02_Page3 Trees02_Page4 Trees02_Page5


Another title deserving of mention is Mercenary Sea, which hits its fifth issue this week.  While the series, a World War II adventure story is rigid at times, it deserves mention if for no other reason than its unique artwork and fantastic colors.

MercenarySea05_Cover MercenarySea05_Page1 MercenarySea05_Page2 MercenarySea05_Page3 MercenarySea05_Page4 a


And one last look for the week, a quickie peek at C.O.W.L. #2.  This book, about past-their-prime superheroes in the 1960s contriving a means to remain relevant in a world in which they may no longer be necessary, is replete with shades of Watchmen, with fantastic stylized art invoking Sienkiewicz in his prime:

COWL02_Cover COWL02_Page10 COWL02_Page11 COWL02_Page12

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