PREVIEWS: East of West #11, Manifest Destiny #6

Here is a quick look at a couple titles coming from Image this week.
First, we have a few pages from Jon Hickman’s East of West #11. This book — a futuristic Western set against the backdrop of the End of Days — is a fantastic read, with a broad and fleshed-out world and a host of intriguing characters.  And Nick Dragotta’s artwork is incredible throughout.  So here are a few pages from issue 11 — and how awesome is this cover?








And let’s post a few pages from Manifest Destiny #6, Chris Dingess’ and Matthew Roberts’ alternate take on the Lewis and Clark journey. Issue #5 ended with the Lewis, Clark and their crew being chased through the forests of the Midwest by zombie-esque animals infected by a strange flora. Which is right where #6 picks up:

ManifestDestiny-06 ManifestDestiny-06-pg1 ManifestDestiny-06-pg2 ManifestDestiny-06-pg3 ManifestDestiny-06-pg4 ManifestDestiny-06-pg5 ManifestDestiny-06-pg6




Author: 13th Dimension

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