PREVIEWS: Black Science # 5, The Field #1

So we have a couple of previews for a couple of Image books coming out on April 2:

Let’s start with Black Science #5, from Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera.  I still can’t get over Scalera’s art in this series, or Dean White’s painted art.

BlackScience05-cover BlackScience05-pg1 BlackScience05-pg2 BlackScience05-pg3 BlackScience05-pg4 BlackScience05-pg5

Also out this week is The Field, a new mini-series from Simon Roy and Ed Brisson, a dark mystery about a man who wakes up in a field with amnesia and a cell phone that sends him cryptic warnings of danger. The first few pages don’t reveal much too much about the story, but the visuals are great and quickly build a nice element of tension.

Field01_CoverA Field01_pg1 Field01_pg2 Field01_pg3 Field01_pg4 Field01_pg5 Field01_pg6






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