PAUL SMITH’S X-MEN Artist’s Edition Coming in 2024

The fan-fave artist gets his due…

Paul Smith’s relatively brief 1980s run on Marvel’s The Uncanny X-Men is one of the most beloved in the team’s history. Never one to miss an opportunity, IDW editor Scott Dunbier has announced on Facebook recently that Paul Smith’s X-Men Artist’s Edition is due in 2024:

“Next year will be an amazing one for Artist’s Editions, so many exceptionally good books, including Paul Smith’s X-Men,” Scott wrote. “I now have scans of all 10 of Paul’s covers from his extraordinary run on Marvel’s Mutants. Happy Holidays!”

The comment was accompanied by this classic image:

No date or price was mentioned but that’ll come soon enough.

Smith drew X-Men from #165 to #175, with the exception of #171. He also drew the not-always-merry mutants at other times. Besides what Dunbier mentioned, we’ll have to see what makes it into this volume.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. This is great news. Smith’s work is really going to pop in black and white. If anybody with a say is listening, please include the Amazing Heroes cover he did.

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  2. My favorite X-Men artist! X-Men #173 is what started me collecting comics.

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    • No kidding? Same for me. I was hooked on the The X-Men (and super hero comics) by the time I was done reading the book.

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