PAUL LEVITZ’s Favorite Spider-Man Story

For SPIDER-MAN WEEK, we’ve asked top creators to pick their favorite Spidey stories — even those from the Distingushed Competition, like Paul Levitz.27866

I’ll go with “The Coming of the Scorpion” from Spidey #20 — my first encounter with him, and with Steve Ditko’s art, which I got to enjoy on quite a few of my own stories a decade or so later.

Paul Levitz is the former publisher of DC Comics and is currently writing Worlds’ Finest.

Author: 13th Dimension

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  1. This was actually the first Spider-Man story I ever read, in some reprinted capacity.

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  2. As far as my favorite Spiderman story is concerned its like asking me which story I had the most fun reading. All of Ditkos’ work had that affect on me. But If I had to choose ,it would have to be the Doc Octopus story arch. When he was lifting the weight of the machinery up. As a child, I could feel the weight…..

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