ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS to Get 50th Anniversary Re-Release — Including a DELUXE EDITION

The seminal ’70s book will be back in print later in 2024…

Origins of Marvel Comics, the 1974 book that was among the earliest trade collections of major comics stories, is getting a 50th anniversary reissue in September. Not just that, there will be two versions to choose from, a paperback and a deluxe hardcover, both coming out the same day, according to online sales listings.

The cover (or covers) have not been released but here’s the original one by John Romita, along with the official description:


Originally published in 1974, Origins of Marvel Comics features the first appearance of characters who have dominated the pantheon of Marvel’s modern storytelling mythology—Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Thor, and Doctor Strange—along with a second Silver Age tale featuring these special heroes, all hand-picked and introduced by the one and only Stan Lee, and serving as an essential showcase for writers and artists such as Stan himself, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita, and Marie Severin. Whether viewed as a historical artifact that launched an industry of presenting Marvel Comics to a broad audience of fans or a collection of the best in Silver Age comics by many of the greatest creators to ever put pencil to paper, Origins of Marvel Comics highlights both the lasting greatness of these iconic characters as well as the monumental contributions of the talented creators who launched an entire storytelling universe.

A few thoughts:

— Here’s the additional description of the hardcover edition: “A deluxe, collector’s edition of the original Origins of Marvel Comics including a new cover, essays, and more.” It’s edited by our pal Chris Ryall but that guy ain’t spillin’ any details.

— New cover, huh? That implies the paperback will have the original cover. I have zero to base this on, but I’d lay odds that the deluxe cover will mimic the original but with art by Alex Ross. Total guesswork on my part, but you can see that happening, am I right? I mean, it’s a natural.

— Both versions are due Sept. 3, 2024. The paperback lists for $21.99, the hardcover lists for $50.

— That Stan Lee solo byline has chafed fans for five decades. Curious how/whether that will be addressed.

— Abrams ComicArts generally corners the market on these kinds of projects but this one’s from Simon & Schuster’s Gallery 13 imprint. (The original was from Simon & Schuster’s division Fireside Books.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Sounds fun. I’d like to see an omnibus of all four origins books from the 1970s.

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  2. Love Stan, love the Origins books (I still have all of them, three signed by Lee), but I really hope they address the solo byline for these reprints.

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  3. I’ve held on to Origins, Son of Origins and Bring on the Bad Guys since I bought them at Tower Books in the mid-1970s. Never once thought of giving them up. Great reads all, controversy notwithstanding.

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  4. I have originals of all of these. I initially thought it would be nice to have clean, new hardcover editions. Then I think “why?” I’m sure I have all the various stories in one form or another. Facsimile versions might be nicer to have. That all said, there is something nice about the nostalgia of the book(s). Makes me think that what The Folio Society should have done was republished the classic BATMAN 30s to the 70s. I would gladly buy (4) brand new copies of that one. So, a new edition of Marvel Origins is (maybe) not too far off the mark.

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  5. Alex Ross refused to have anything to do with Stan’s “Just Imagine” DC series because he did not want to support the impression that Stan created anything. He will not do the new “Origins” cover.

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      • Dan, I will have to side with your concern. Without a cited source, I would hope this isn’t true. Considering Ross’ career has benefited so much from Marvel I really hope this isn’t the case. I’d guess (can believe) it more likely is due to not being able to afford to hire him for a commission. I also wouldn’t be worried any real fan buying these books doesn’t already understand Stan was only one part of the creation of the Marvel Age.

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        • Thanks, Buck. I do wish to reiterate that A) I am only guessing about Ross’ involvement. It’s just that it’s a natural, especially given the style of Romita’s original, and B) we don’t know whether the byline will be handled differently. In this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were altered. (It certainly should be.) This isn’t being billed as a Facsimile Edition. Just a new edition. We only know what we know. Anything else is (fun) speculation. (For what it’s worth, I don’t imagine Ross’ price would be a barrier to a Simon & Schuster imprint.)

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  6. Never had a problem with the Stan byline at all. He was made “the man” by his employer. It was a kind of Disneyesque strategy to have a guiding light and a single individual the public could point to. Also, in the industry (and Marvel was not immune to this), the other creators came and went. Stan was ever present.

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