NYCF SPOTLIGHT: How You Can Get on AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’

The casting folks from Kevin Smith’s show will be at NEW YORK COMIC FEST on Saturday and here’s what you need to know:


So the casting folks who choose the customers that appear on “Comic Book Men” will be at our show on Saturday. What does this mean? It means you have a chance to make a great first impression to get on Season 4 of the show.

I spoke to Anthony Lucente of The House That Casting Built, who supervises casting on the show and he laid it out:

— This is only a first step but this is a legitimate first step.

— The casting team will have a booth where you can come by, introduce yourself and apply to be on the show.

— If you want to bring along something cool that you think will be impressive enough to warrant trying to sell at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, N.J., by all means do so. If you feel more comfortable bringing a photo, that’s cool. And if you have nothing to show but just want to chat them up, that’s cool too. Bringing something doesn’t necessarily help you but it doesn’t hurt either.

— If there’s something special you’re legitimately looking to track down and think you might be able to get it at the Stash, or if you think they might be able to get it for you, you can tell them about that, as well.

Otherwise, just be cool. I get the distinct impression they’re looking for genuine comics fans — guys and girls — who’d be colorful or interesting enough to be on the show without overdoing it.

My sense is they don’t want poseurs and they don’t want people who just want to get in front of the camera, by any means necessary. They want the real deal.

Rob Bruce, one of our show’s organizers and a recurring cast member who’s getting his own AMC show, will also be around all day, popping back and forth.

Anyway, we’re really excited to have these guys at NEW YORK COMIC FEST. So come have a great time! TICKET INFO HERE.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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