New BATMAN ’89 Figure is One of Those Wonderful Toys

REVIEW: NJ Croce’s latest belongs in your personal Gotham.

As far as I’m concerned, there can never be too many Batman ’89 action figures simply because there have never been that many.

I’m not talking about the mass-market toys from the late ’80s and early ’90s. Those were great but given the timing of the movie there haven’t been all that many detailed, screen-accurate Michael Keaton Batman figures — at least not affordable ones. (NECA’s excellent 7-inch figures from a couple years ago being the outliers.)

That makes NJ Croce’s just-released 6-inch 1989 Batman bendable figure particularly welcome.

All pix by Sam Greenfield

The company ably straddles that divide between collectibles and playable toys, with high-quality figures that you’re not afraid to grab off the shelf and twist this way and that.

And given today’s tech and NJ Croce’s excellent eye for detail, we get a 6-inch-scale Keaton figure for about $15, give or take. (Click here for one buying option.)

Bendable figures have an inherent disadvantage when it comes to likenesses, but that’s where NJ Croce really steps up. Between the sculpting of the mask and the pouty lips, this figure gives you an accurate depiction of the guy who defined live-action Batman for the ’80s generation.

Then there’s the almost all-black outfit with its unique Batlogo, which is solid. (And dig the belt and glove accents.) I go back and forth on soft material for capes but the company has picked a material that hangs well enough, all things considered.

Best part? This is the third live-action Batman that NJ Croce has released over the last few years. That means you can have meet-ups like this:

Then again, this is good enough for me:

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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