My Favorite Comics Convention Memory, by CHRISTY BLANCH

NEW YORK COMIC FEST is June 14! Christy Blanch, head of the SuperMOOC 2 comics lecture series, will be hosting not one, but two panels! Here’s Christy’s own fave comic con memory!



What’s my favorite comics convention memory? I won’t go with the easy and obvious answer of when I met my boyfriend. I would probably say that it was the first time that I met Stan Lee. I was at Baltimore Comic Con and I ran into him and his friend, Max. I was introduced and Stan and I talked for about 10 minutes about anthropology and education using comics. He was asking me questions and was really curious about it. It was such a great moment and I will cherish it always.

Christy will be moderating panels on social issues and gender issues in comics at NEW YORK COMIC FEST. Her panelists will include Mark Waid, Scott Snyder, Denny O’Neil and Shawn Martinbrough, among others! GET TICKETS HERE! And check out SuperMOOC 2 HERE!

Author: 13th Dimension

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