MIKE ALLRED’s Favorite Spider-Man Story

One of our fave artists picks one of his fave Spidey tales for SPIDER-MAN WEEK!

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My favorite Spider-man story was when Peter Parker had to dig deep down into his core and discover exactly what he was made of.

It begins in Amazing Spider-Man #32 where Doc Ock and his henchmen bait Spidey with some much-needed lifesaving serum for Aunt May who is dying in the hospital. The issue ends with Spider-Man trapped under a bunch of iron equipment.

One of his most iconic images: trapped under wreckage on the cover of #33. This leads to one of the single most dramatic moments of any superhero ever as Pete finds the inner strength he needs to free himself, swoosh through flooded tunnels, fight his way through the henchmen and deliver the serum.


Classic stuff!

Mike Allred is one of the busiest artists in comics today. In addition to Silver Surfer for Marvel, he’s doing a month of covers celebrating Batman ’66 for DC in May.

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