Steve Mannion is fearless. Steve Mannion is the bomb. Steve Mannion‘s gonna be at our NEW YORK COMIC FEST.

Here’s the coolly affable, affably cool Steve with what he’s up to right now. Come meet him at the show June 14! TICKETS HERE!




Dan Greenfield: Steve, what’s your Secret Origin?

Steve Mannion: “In a WORLD where Dads impregnate Moms… a child was born!!!”



Brilliant! What are you working on right now?

I’m working on the Fearless Dawn “Chibi Finale,” the last in a series of Fearless Dawn books that I have been producing. It’s all drawn in that big-head Chibi style, very cute. Then people get shot in the face and stuff. It’s horrible. You get the whole yin/yang sweet-and-sour experience out of the thing that way. Oh … and a Heavy Metal* story … No. 271, Oct issue — in August previews. Fearless Dawn “Hard Times” hits the stores June 25.

*An homage to the late, great Jean Giraud.



Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Your artwork shares a lot in common with old-school good girl art, at least to this layman’s eyes. Who were some of your influences and favorite artists?

The pin-up girl thing came from a time when I needed some work and began to sell off my art on eBay. There was this dude doing shiny boob girls with the nipples all showing through the outfits and his drawings were selling way better than my Batman pages. So I started doing shiny boob girl superheroes. I owe my whole career to that guy. Thank you, shiny-boob drawing guy.

Picture 2 05-39-46

I saw this Catwoman sketch on your blog, which is pretty rad. What do I have to do to get one?

To get one like that you give me a hundo and that makes me do a good one.

I just might do that. Can’t promise. But I’m definitely thinking about it. Because that is awesome. Speaking of, any cool art you’d like to show off here?

Yes, you’ve posted it through this interview.



Name five of your all-time favorite comics.

Duncan Fegredo And Peter Milligan (I think) did a miniseries called Girl for Vertigo that I really liked. Phillip Bond drew the interiors to this story Kill Your Boyfriend from Vertigo … That was cool. I liked that one.  Sandman Mystery Theatre was always good. These were all DC freebies that we got when I worked up there.

Dean Motter’s Teminal City …very cool. And this Lobo miniseries called Contract on Gawd was awesome. We got piles of comics for free when I was at DC. That’s when I did most, if not all, of my comic book reading. I might be one of those “Fake” nerds everyone wants to lynch. But can you imagine? Piles of 90s comics for free every week! A friend of mine took 5 hefty bags full of comics out of my house one time. There’s still comic books laying all over the house.

Meet Steve at the show on June 14! TICKETS! And check out his blog!


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