MATTEL Wants YOU to Help Them With the DC MULTIVERSE Line

If you ever wanted to give your two cents about what a toy company should be doing with your favorite characters, here’s your chance:

No foolin’. The toy giant is seeking fans’ input about the direction of their Multiverse line, which has basically been a 3 3/4-inch scale series of favorite DC characters as seen in other media, like movies and video games.

So if you want to give Mattel your thoughts, take their survey here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. We need the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman CBS and ABC figure line of Etta candy, Steve Trevor, Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. Maybe even IRAC and Rover. I’ll buy all the figures they come out with on the Wonder Woman TV series. Dreaming of course but a lovely thought.

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  2. wpuld love to see Detroit jla characters like steel gypsy vibe zantanna hawkwoman and also el diablo the second one and also jsa like tarantula phantom lady or infinity inc huntress fury nukon silver scrab doctor midnight 2 hourman 2 and wildcat all star squadran characters liberty belle firebrand amazing man 2 and three and the character onyx thanks for listening

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  3. I think you should do some of the tv shows like Gotham smallvill arrow and the flash

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