MARVEL BOOK OF THE WEEK: Amazing Spider-Man #1

I’m gonna try something new here …

I’ve been doing the BATBOOK OF THE WEEK pretty much since the inception of 13th Dimension. Because, y’know, I dig Batman. A lot.

Now, I’m a DC guy by nature (nurture?) but I do very much appreciate the House of Ideas. So I figure, with the All-New All-Different Marvel upon us, I’m gonna do a MARVEL BOOK OF THE WEEK, touting whichever title I’m most looking forward to.

So this week, I’m kicking it off with The Amazing Spider-Man #1.

Spidey has always been my favorite Marvel character and I really like what Dan Slott’s done with him over the last few years. His stories are bold and inventive, with a strong heart. So getting in on the ground floor of this title is a no-brainer.

Does the Spidey story work with Peter Parker as an international businessman? No idea. But I’m along for the swing to find out.


What’s with the Spider-Mullet though?

OTHER MARVEL HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: Spidey’s not the only Marvel book I’m picking up this week. I also plan to check out All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1; Avengers #0; Doctor Strange #1; and Invincible Iron Man #1. I’ll pick up Secret Wars #6 because even though it’s kind of pointless at this stage of the game, I’m still curious to see how it plays out.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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