Man, I Loved the 1977 STAR WARS Wonder Bread Trading Cards

A SNEAK PEEK at World’s Greatest Toys Digest #11…

Benjamin J. Holcomb’s latest edition of World’s Greatest Toys Digest — dubbed “Issue XI: Revenge of the Digest” — starts shipping June 10 and wraps the mag’s three-part look at the original waves of Star Wars merch from the first three movies.

The latest ish has a one-page feature that is near and dear to my heart and blood sugar: Wonder Bread’s 1977 run of 16 trading cards, each featuring a different character or vehicle:

Somehow — and I’m not really sure how I pulled it off — I collected the whole series. I do remember picking through loaves at the local supermarket to see what was inside. (And no, I didn’t open any, and no I didn’t take any cards out. I was a good kid.)

I dug the cards for their clean, basic design and because they seemed somehow exotic in that they were separate from what Topps offered. (I loved those too!) The downside? They could be a little damp because of the moisture from the bread. Either way, they hold a special place in my Star Wars soul.

Meanwhile, here are Benjamin’s three Star Wars-themed covers — Issues #9-11 — which form a triptych:

And here’s a Kenner “First 12” poster he created as a promotional tool for retailers and wholesale customers. (Hey, Benjamin! I wanna buy one!)

The issue lists for $16.99 and you can order directly from Benjamin — the writer of the Mego Bible, Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys! (TwoMorrows) — by emailing him at



— STAR WARS: Kenner’s EARLY BIRD Package Strikes Back! Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Good times! I still have a few of those Star Wars Wonder Bread cards. And yes, Kenner Star Wars action figures are the world’s greatest toys!

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  2. I loved those cards, too. Everything I knew about Star Wars before I saw the film came from those cards. And there was a lot of mystery there. For example, was “Grand Moff” Tarkin’s title or first names? Keep in mind, I was 10 then.

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