LIAM SHARP Picks His 13 Favorite BRAVE AND THE BOLD Covers

B&B returns!

UPDATED 2/19/18: Liam Sharp’s Brave and the Bold miniseries starring Batman and Wonder Woman hits this week. Perfect time to bring you this awesome 13 COVERS list Liam put together when the series was announced. — Dan

We do 13 COVERS retrospectives all the time around here but it’s always special when an artist of Liam’s stature joins in the fun. Here goes:



1. Brave and the Bold #22. Really capturing that legendary feel of the title! Beautifully illustrative technique here by the great Joe Kubert.

Joe Kubert, washes by Jack Adler

2. Brave and the Bold #24. Another absolutely gorgeous Kubert here, with a style closer to the trademark lively strokes that helped make him a legend!


3. Brave and the Bold #43. And a last Kubert classic — birds in people masks, and people in bird masks… you can almost hear the pitch! I love this cover!


4. Brave and the Bold #126. Brilliantly staged Jim Aparo cover — action and tension!

Jim Aparo

5. Brave and the Bold #107. Another amazing Jim Aparo piece. Both the Batman and Black Canary figures are so strong and dynamic…

Jim Aparo

6. Brave and the Bold #29. Delightful Silver Age cover. The second-ever JLA appearance! The Wonder Woman figure in particular is fantastic.

Mike Sekowsky pencils, Murphy Anderson inks

7. Brave and the Bold #176. One of my absolute favourites, this Michael William Kaluta cover is stunning. So much atmosphere!

Michael William Kaluta

8. Brave and the Bold #57. Absolute classic from Ramona Fradon — and the first time we ever met Metamorpho, the Element Man! So much form and character!

Ramona Fradon

9. Best of the Brave and the Bold #2. A great piece — aren’t they all? — from Garcia-Lopez, after Hannigan. Incredible, deceptively complex layout and design, beautifully executed.

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, after Ed Hannigan

10. Brave and the Bold (2007 series) #32. A more contemporary treat here. Jesus Saiz draws beautiful anatomy and environments, aided by an excellent color job (by whom?). Epic and mythic!

Jesus Saiz

11. Brave and the Bold #75. The final three are all Neal Adams — and it would have been easy to split the finest between Aparo and Adams as there is so much greatness to choose from! I love this one for the amazing foreshortening (a staple of Adams) taken to incredible and effective extremes. Also the anatomy on the Spectre figure is terrific!

Neal Adams

12. Brave and the Bold #88. So much brilliance in this: The top-down angle, which is never easy. The shadow of Batman’s cape. The way he gets such up-close figure work on so many characters within such a tiny piece of real estate… Amazing.

Neal Adams

13. Brave and the Bold #85. Everything about this last one is masterful. Just look at it! Boom! You could hold a master class dissecting all the elements that make this work so damn well! Beautiful, seminal work.

Neal Adams

Cover images and credits from the brave and bold Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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