Lenny B. Robinson Really Was Batman

A tip of the cowl to a true Caped Crusader.


All day long today, friends sent me links to the news that Lenny B. Robinson — the so-called Maryland or Baltimore or Route 29 Batman was killed in an accident involving his Batmobile.

I didn’t know Lenny; our paths as Batfans never crossed, at least as far as I know.

But, like most, I admired his devotion to sick children. In his own way, he was as inspiring — or even more so, if you can measure such a thing — as the outpouring for Batkid.

Most people read stories and watch TV shows or movies that tell stories of selfless sacrifice, and then go back to their regularly scheduled lives. Some see superhero stories as escapist entertainment. Others as an ideal to quietly live up to.

What’s wonderful is that Leonard not only recognized what makes Batman great, he actually put it into practice, giving comfort and hope to those who needed both.

That’s not just being a fan. That’s being a hero.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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