LEGO Brings Back BATMAN’S Zaniest Villains

The Eraser’s back!


As I noted here, I was at the Lego Store in Rockefeller Center the other day just wandering about. I’m not even a big Lego fan but I figured what the hell.

So I checked out The Lego Batman Movie section and my eye went right here:

A two-pack featuring … Killer Moth!

Then over here … a set with Kite Man! And Bronze Age Calendar Man! (And Magpie even.)


So then I check out a couple of blind-bagged mini-figures and the checklist includes … the Eraser! And Zodiac Master! The Bronze Age Calculator! Victor Buono’s King Tut! Dick Grayson with a can of very 1966-looking shark repellent!

Anyway, I know this has been covered ad nauseum in the Legosphere, but if this is any indication — and the fact that Billy Dee Williams is voicing Two-Face, the role he never got to play live — it looks like the movie is going to be an homage to every incarnation of Batman imaginable.

And I am so down with that.

I mean, how cool would it be if the Eraser turned out to be the Big Bad in this thing?

Anyway, until we find out, check out some of the sets in fully constructed form, as displayed at the store:

I particularly like this one:

For more info, check out The Lego Batman Movie’s site here. (By the way, that Killer Moth set is not actually branded for the movie, so whether he’ll show up — or whether any of these other D-Listers will for that matter — I couldn’t tell you. But I gotta figure it’s a pretty safe bet.)

By the way, for a tour of the Lego 1966 Batcave, click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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