Benjaman J. Holcomb’s World’s Greatest Toys Digest #8 is here and the cover feature is Mego Shazam! (Or Captain Marvel if you prefer, and I do).

The offshoot of Holcomb’s essential TwoMorrows book, Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys! is available now — and has a lot more in store than new details on the World’s Mightiest Plastic Mortal.

Dig the full cover and the official description:


Issue #8 kicks off with a deeper dive into The Big Red Cheese himself, Shazam! Then we take a virtual tour through EVERY FLOOR of Mego’s legendary factory in Hong Kong, The Mego Industrial Building. Along the way, we host a Mego Meet ’77 so you can meet the fascinating (and sometimes outrageous) personalities that manufactured your favorite toys. Next we present the third and final installment of “Made in Hong Kong: The Untold Story of Lion Rock” — you do not want to miss this one.

We also remember some special retailers including Alexander’s and Turn-Style, and we show you the world’s greatest Mego ad ever published… it will blow your mind. We wrap it all up with the World’s Greatest Price Guide for every variation of 8″ Mego Shazam.

A few thoughts:

Issue #8 is $15.99, plus shipping and handling. To order, e-mail your name and shipping address to

— I love that Benjamin took inspiration from the classic cover of 1974’s Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-27, by Bob Oksner.

— Personally, Shazam!/Captain Marvel is one of my fave Megos, so I’m especially looking forward to getting this one in my hot little hands. It’s a great mag, no matter the cover spotlight, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I wonder why DC and Marvel never did Mego photo covers like Benjamin has magnificently done here ? They would be a hit!

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    • Funny that. They did do Robot Chicken covers, but that’s not really the same is it? And they are going to be doing McFarlane Toys covers. But yeah, straight-up Mego would be fab!

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  2. I forgot about the dark humored DC Robot Chicken covers. I think they used Megos for those.

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