Happy December, Comic Peeps!

Sean Von Gorman

Sean Von Gorman

I cannot believe that this year is almost over. Lots of ups and downs this year, probably more downs, but I’m trying to only focus on the ups and working hard to make the downs more positive. Not an easy thing to do, but like Dory — just keep swimming.

It was a quiet week for DC, but an extra Batman from people like Tom King, Declan Shalvey, Paul Dini and SO many others more than makes up for it! Also, there is plenty of fun stuff out there to read! So as Lonely Island sings, let’s get to it. To it. To it. Cue Michael Bolton

First off, Black Mask’s No Angel #1 by Eric Palicki, Adrianne Palicki, Ari Syahrazad, Jean-Paul Csuka and Jim Campbell is AWESOME! Reading it I kept hearing Hannah’s voice as Adrianne Palicki, which is a good thing because I think she is fantastic. This is an engaging story that I can’t wait to continue reading. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. And do it soon as it’s sold out at the distributor. We have a few copies left but only because we ordered a ton. Really anything Black Mask is putting out is great — 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is a particular favorite — and No Angel keeps the ball rolling for them!


Devil’s Due/First Comics White #1 by Dan Schaffer is fun. Now, I need to add a disclaimer that I love anything with sharks in it. Like, I just saw that Jason Hurley (from the amazing comic The Beauty) was watching Shark Exorcist and I immediately asked my bestie Kyle why we had not seen it yet! If you liked The Shallows (which I did), you will love this book. There were several moments where I gasped and actually pulled my feet up into my seat so they wouldn’t be dangling. Cue the Jaws music!


And to wrap it up, I’m not picking the Batman Annual although I love, love, loved it! I am picking Papercutz/Super Genius’ Tales From the Crypt #1 because of several reasons. One, I LOVE Tales from the Crypt. A lot. Two, I have been waiting and waiting for this book to come out. Three, it’s super fun and super creepy! My favorite of the three stories was Zombie Bank. It left me with a craving for Brains on Rye. Well, not really. But I do have a craving for wings from Twin Archer in Muncie!


Lightning Round includes Marvel’s Inhumans Vs X-Men #0 by Charles Soule, Kenneth Rockford, Dan Brown and Clayton Cowles. Nothing beats Dr. Hank McCoy exclaiming “We have science to do!” and “Through science, all things are possible!” I love science and I believe in Hank! … Saga #40 by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan is incredibly heart-breaking. Happy Holidays to you, too, guys! (However, it was exceptional.) … Monstress #8 by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda continues to be one of the best and most beautiful books on the shelf. I can’t get enough of this story!


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