KIRBY & MIGNOLA’s NEW GODS Projects That Never Were

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Back Issue #104 focuses on the Fourth World A.K. (After Kirby)…

Steve Rude

The new Back Issue is out 4/25 (or 5/2 in some places — check with your shop) and the subject matter couldn’t be more timely: Just last month, Warner Bros. announced that Ava DuVernay is directing a New Gods movie and BI #104 covers the Fourth World after Kirby (but with some Kirby too).

As always with BI, there’s a ton of really cool material to dive into. Check out the table of contents:

Of all that nifty stuff, there were two features that really jumped out at me, both by the mag’s editor, Michael Eury: One is on Kirby’s designs for a Super Powers playset that never got made and one is on an unfilmed animated New Gods project with designs by Mike Mignola.

So check out this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Back Issue #104 — featuring Kirby and Mignola’s NEW GODS Projects That Never Were:

Back Issue #104 can be purchased from your comics shop or directly through publisher TwoMorrows’ website. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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