KHAAAAAAN! The U.S.S. RELIANT Soars Into Your Collection

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The Enterprise is the Enterprise but it’s always cool to see variations on the theme and few Federation starships look cooler than the Reliant from Wrath of Khan.

And since we just wrapped up STAR TREK MOVIE WEEK (click here for those awesome festivities), we figured we’d trot out Eaglemoss’ miniature version of NCC-1864, which of course makes a nice pairing with the Enterprise. 

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The model comes — as all Eaglemoss Trek miniatures do — with a full-color informational magazine. Inside is info, for example, on how the effects masters came up with the design and how the nacelles were originally supposed to be up top, like the Enterprise’s.

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Personally, I love the way it ended up. It’s exotic and interesting and by finally showing more than one starship design in the Trek universe, we get some world-building to boot.

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Each Eaglemoss miniature will run you about $22. You can get them directly from the company or from your favorite shop or online retailer.

Oh, and if you wanna here a really cool podcast about The Wrath of Khan, click here. It’s worth it.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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