JOHN BYRNE’s ‘Marvel Classics’ Get Artifact Edition

IDW’s got another great art book headed your way this fall…

We’re big fans of IDW’s Artist’s and Artifact Editions here at the ol’ 13th Dimension corral. These oversize volumes that show off original comics art in precise detail are like windows into the soul of the artist — magnificent portraits of craft and style.

Well, there’s another big one coming up in October — John Byrne’s Marvel Classics Artifact Edition, which will spotlight the comics legend’s work on titles such as Marvel Team-Up, Captain America, The Avengers and Iron Fist.

Check out the official solicitation info:

John Byrne’s Marvel Classics Artifact Edition

Various (w) • John Byrne (a & c)

John Byrne is one of the true superstars of Marvel Comics. His legendary runs on The X-Men and Fantastic Four are just two of the highlights of his illustrious and storied career (and have each received the award-winning ARTIST’S EDITION treatment!). Now we continue to present John Byrne at his finest, in an Artifact Edition that features his work on MARVEL TEAM-UP, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS, IRON FIST, and more. As you have come to expect from Artist’s Edition style books, each page is tracked down and scanned from the original art—perusing this book will be like opening a portal in time and visiting John Byrne in his studio as he painstakingly draws some of his most well-remembered stories—all in one beautiful book!

HC • B&W • $125.00 • 168 pages • 12” x 17” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-662-0

Now, in case you were wondering, Artist’s Editions capture entire issues while Artifact Editions are more of a survey of the artist’s output. Either way, it’s the next best thing to owning the original art itself.

So if you’re a Byrne fanatic, this is right in your wheelhouse.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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