JERRY ORDWAY: The ‘Miracle’ of KIRBY’s Virtuosity

13 DAYS OF KIRBY: A classicist weighs in…

Welcome to 13 DAYS OF KIRBY 100, our celebration of Jack Kirby’s centennial, produced in conjunction with TwoMorrows Publishing. Over 13 days, we’re serializing the publisher’s forthcoming book KIRBY 100, edited by Jon B. Cooke and featuring essays and artistic contributions by 100 of the biggest names in comics, such as John Romita Sr., Cliff Galbraith, Dave Gibbons and many, many others.

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Jerry Ordway’s classic art style would have been right at home in Kirby’s heyday. Here, he recalls how the King’s virtuosity directly inspired him as a creator:

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KIRBY 100 is due to be released 8/28, the King’s 100th anniversary. It will be available in stores, online and directly through TwoMorrows (click here to order).

For the complete 13 DAYS OF KIRBY 100 Index of stories and features, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Jerry Ordway’s contribution to this project is cool. Always have dug Ordway. Love hearing his asides about Jack and the biz. But one take away from this….”You didn’t watch the original Star Trek?!!

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  2. I’m not 100% sure you’re using the term “classicist” correctly here. I’m not well-versed in art-theory, but the term has pretty specific connotations and is primarily used in reference to the academic pursuit of Ancient Greece and Rome (particularly the languages). I get your meaning though about Ordway’s artistic style; it certainly has all the hallmarks of great classic comic art.

    Interesting note: there is a niche in Classics as an academic discipline devoted to comics! Check out “Classics and Comics” and “Son of Classics and Comics” both edited by George Kovacs and C.W. Marshall.

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