JACK KIRBY’s OMAC Returning to Print

One of the King’s more offbeat ventures is set to make its way back to shelves in 2021…

OMAC is one of those books that people either love… or just don’t get. Kind of a theme with Jack Kirby’s ’70s run with both DC and Marvel.

Either way, OMAC falls into the category that TwoMorrows’ Jack Kirby Collector calls the King’s Big Ideas.

Well as it happens, OMAC is making its way back to shelves with a new paperback volume in 2021, according to an Amazon listing.

Dig this official description:

One of Jack Kirby’s final projects for DC Comics in the 1970s presents a dystopian future in which ordinary people are pushed to violence to relieve their stress, and a corporate nobody called Buddy Blank is recruited by the Global Peace Agency to become the super-powered being known as O.M.A.C. — One Man Army Corps.

In these 1970s tales, Jack Kirby introduced O.M.A.C. — One Man Army Corps! Powered by the orbiting, sentient satellite known as Brother Eye, O.M.A.C. has been charged by the Global Peace Agency with stopping the evil schemes of power hungry millionaires who seek to exploit those less fortunate than them. It’s a vision of the future unlike any you’ve seen before.

A few thoughts:

— That description above doesn’t quite give enough info, but I’m willing to wager it will include all eight issues of the regular series, as well as the extras (like Kirby pencil art) found in an out-of-print 2008 hardcover that was released in softcover five years later.

— The 176-page paperback lists for an inviting $17.99. It’s due Aug. 3, 2021. (That page count is the same as the 2013 edition, by the by.)

— Standard caveat: As far as I can tell, this has not been solicited by DC yet, so nothing is official until it’s official. Even then, things can change. Just keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Then I guess I just don’t get it. This has been reprinted before and I just can’t see why it needs another printing when so much truly Classic DC material is far more deserving. Do some people really just buy anything with Jack Kirby’s name on it, just because Jack Kirby’s name is on it? Yeah, I guess I just don’t get it.

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  2. Some of Kirbys’ work looks like something designed at 3 a.m. after staying awake for 72 hours. “I need some sleep, let’s just throw this at the wall and see what sticks. ” For just one example: the above cover for OMAC #1 with the encased head, legs and hands. I know it’s not popular to criticize The Master, but it is what it is….and some of it is bizarre.

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    • I mean, yeah, that is the literal drawing of “a Mother Box,” and that looks uncomfortable!

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      • Hilarious! Wish I’d said that!

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  3. I guess that it was one of the Kirby concepts that I didn’t get

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