JACK KIRBY’s Never Published SOUL LOVE #1 to Be Released as a Magazine

A fantasy Facsimile Edition, if you will…

Early in January, we brought you an INSIDE LOOK at Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love: Unpublished ’70s Stories by the King of Comics!

The full-color hardcover from TwoMorrows put into print for the first time the King’s final unpublished work — DC’s aborted Soul Love and True-Life Divorce, as well as unused Dingbats of Danger Street stories. Click here for the full rundown — you’ll most definitely want to.

But get this — TwoMorrows is taking it a step further for Valentine’s Day with the Soul Love #1 Facsimile Edition — bringing you the 1971 mag that never was.

Dig the official description, along with the cover — penciled by Kirby and painted by Alex Ross:

32-page FULL-COLOR MAGAZINE — by Jack KIRBY, edited by John MORROW

ULTRA-RARE! As seen in JACK KIRBY’S DINGBAT LOVE, this is the Kirby magazine that never was! Soul Love #1 finally exists just as it was intended in 1971, as a full-color deluxe magazine, compiled by Jack Kirby Collector editor JOHN MORROW. It features four unpublished Kirby stories (inked by Vince Colletta and Tony DeZuniga), period ads, and text features, creating a finished facsimile of the magazine that was meant to exist alongside IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB and SPIRIT WORLD, before DC Comics cancelled the project. New KIRBY/ALEX ROSS COVER! Only available from TwoMorrows, and LIMITED TO JUST 200 COPIES! (Print copy only, no digital edition.)

A few thoughts:

— We are absolute, total suckers for Facsimile Editions and this is one of the coolest of them all: A Kirby comic that was never published, as it might have looked almost 50 years ago — ads and all.

Soul Love #1 costs $15 and is only available via TwoMorrows. If you’re interested in ordering, click here. It will be out, fittingly, on Feb. 14.

— It’s worth noting that the magazine was included in Dingbat Love but it’s a totally groovy concept to print it on its own. Still, if you want the whole package, Dingbat Love is available at comics shops and from booksellers. You can also get it straight from TwoMorrows. (Click here.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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