It’s Your Official THOUGHT BUBBLE Party Playlist

We like to party. We like… we like to party.


The UK’s Thought Bubble Comic Con — part of the comic-art festival in Leeds — is this weekend with many a cool event attached. (Click here for all the info.)

One of said events is the Mid-Con Party the night of 11/5, featuring DJs who just happen to be comics pros, like ComiXology’s PR and events specialist Ivan Salazar and writer Al Ewing.

ComiXology is one of the big sponsors and Ivan was cool enough to share part of his set list, which you can enjoy below with their videos.


“In a short time, Thought Bubble has established itself as one of those shows that is on the short list of every creator and fan in the world. We’re looking forward to experiencing the show ourselves too,” Salazar said. “Personally, I’m really very honored to get the chance to DJ at the show and to open for folks like Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie who visibly infuse their love of music into every comic they work on from Phonogram to The Wicked + The Divine.

“As an opener you really have to prep the crowd, so I’ve made sure to sprinkle some songs and musical artists (I hope) people know like Feist, Gorillaz and Justice to anchor some more indie artists like Cellars, Glass Animals and Jungle. My aim for whenever I DJ is giving people tracks to groove to and staying fun throughout.”

Cellars: “Nighttime Girl”

Feist: “Inside and Out”

Glass Animals: “Season 2 Episode 3”

Gorillaz: “Rock the House”

Jungle: Busy Earnin’

Justice: “D.A.N.C.E.”

Vengaboys: “We Like to Party”

Shawn Wasabi: “Marble Soda”


Author: Dan Greenfield

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