Celebrating a cinematic tour de force!


The Batman ’66 movie — technically just called “Batman” — premiered July 30, 1966, — between the first and second seasons.

All year long at 13th Dimension, we’ve been celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary — including our Top 13 Batman ’66 Episode Countdown.

But now it’s time to celebrate the film with a whole weekend of Batman ’66 features lined up for you — some directly connected to the movie and some not. So keep checking this INDEX all weekend for fresh links!

The 13 GREATEST MOMENTS of the BATMAN ’66 MOVIE. Click here.

The BATMAN ’66 Top 13 EPISODE COUNTDOWN. Click here.

The BATCOPTER’s 50th Anniversary: Where to see it this summer. Click here.

REEL RETRO CINEMA: Rob Kelly’s modern review of a 50-year-old classic. Click here

PODCAST ALERT! We talk the BATMAN ’66 Movie on the Film and Water Podcast. Click here.

BONUS! EXCLUSIVE Preview: BATMAN ’66 MEETS STEED AND MRS. PEEL #2 — out 8/3. Click here.

BONUS! REVIEW of Diamond Select’s New BATGIRL Mini-Sculpture. Click here.



Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Back in June of 2002 AMC was touring the Batman movie around the country and having Adam West fly into cities where it was being shown. I got to interview Mr. West for a local children’s show because it was shown in a grand old style movie theater of a by-gone era in a west Texas town I was from. His handler for these events was a girl from AMC who really didn’t have much knowledge of him or the show. We asked her earlier in the day about the interview. She told us, “I don’t know if you can…he’s like old,…like real old or something,….or,… that’s what I heard”.

    When Adam showed up later that evening before the movie started he was anything but old. He came out of the limo, tall, youthful looking, handsome and in shape. He moved like a movie star, he looked like a movie star. I got to interview him. Told him how important he and Batman were to me. Told him I was born in ’66. Same year as Batman, Star Trek, The Monkees. Made a gushing fool of myself before I got hold of things. It was great! He was great! Made a big impression on both me and my wife.

    4 yrs later my wife named our first child Adam.

    That’s my story.

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  2. Great story Andy!

    I met Mr. West in 2004 when he was in town for a Fanex convention along with Lee Meriwether and the Batmobile. She was gracious and he was great and signed my 1966 Life magazine featuring Batman.

    I was 7 when the show premiered and it changed my life!

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  3. I first saw BATMAN when the movie itself was just 7 years old, in 1973, in limited re-release.

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