IT’S NATIONAL DOCTORS DAY: Dig These 13 Superhero Doctors

Is there a doctor in the house?! Why, yes, 13 of them!


March 30 is National Doctors Day, a special time to recognize those who give us comfort when we are sick and bring us back to health and wellness.  They spend their lives helping us.

In comic books, some doctors are heroes by just being doctors, while a select few others bring “serve humanity” to an additional identity. While the day was created to celebrate doctors, physicians, and surgeons, we are extending it to cover not only four-color heroes with doctorates in medicine, but also in the law, psychology, science, and other fields.

M.D. #1  (April-May, 1955), art by Johnny Craig.

The comic book doctors included below (and I am just talking about good guys, not villains) are part of a very long list, so please know that limited space is the only reason for others being excluded, and not for neglect… and that list includes Dr. Daniel Garrett (the first Blue Beetle), Dr. Kimoyo Hoshi (Dr. Light), Dr. Niles Caulder (“the Chief” of the Doom Patrol), Dr. Terrence Thirteen, Dr. Alec Holland, Dr. Garrett Sanford (the second Sandman), Dr. August Durant (the Secret Six), Dr. Martin Stein (1/2 of Firestorm), Dr. Kirk Langstrom (Man-Bat), Doctor Occult, young Dr. Masters, and more (plus adaptations of Dr. Ben Casey and Dr. Jim Kildare).

Today, remember your doctors, real and fictional, who have made you feel good. And, yes, there is an International Nurse Day — May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Watch for it!

Dr. Reed Richards

Fantastic Four #16 (July 1963, Marvel). Stan Lee script. Jack Kirby pencils. Sol Brodsky inks.

Dr. Stephen Strange

Doctor Strange #169 (June 1968, Marvel). Dan Adkins art.

Dr. Clark Savage Jr.

Doc Savage #1 (Nov. 1966, Gold Key). James Bama art.

Dr. Kent Nelson

More Fun Comics #61 (Nov. 1940, DC). Howard Sherman art.

Doctors Leonard Skivorski Jr. and Bruce Banner

The Incredible Hulk #141 (July 1971, Marvel). Herb Trimpe art.

Dr. Phillip Solar

Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #1 (Oct. 1962, Gold Key). Richard Powers art.

Dr. Charles McNider

All-American Comics #88 (Aug. 1947, DC). John Broome script. Alex Toth art.

The Doctor

Marvel Premiere #57 (Dec. 1980, Marvel). Walt Simonson art.

Dr. Jonathan Osterman

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1 (Oct. 2012. DC). Paul Pope art.

Dr. Will Magnus

Metal Men #23 (Dec. 1966-Jan. 1967, DC). Ross Andru pencils. Mike Esposito inks.

Dr. Thomas Wayne

Detective Comics #235 (Sept. 1956, DC). Bill Finger, script. Sheldon Moldoff, pencils. Stan Kaye, inks.

Dr. Henry Pym

Tales to Astonish #27 (Jan. 1962, Marvel). Kirby pencils. Dick Ayers inks.

Dr. Don Blake:

Journey Into Mystery #113 (Feb. 1965, Marvel). Kirby pencils. Chic Stone inks.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Doc Savge, Dr. Strange, Dr. Who, the cast of “M.D.,” the civilian identities Henry Pym and Donald Blake are not superheroes.

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  2. Great list! Thanks! And thanks for including Doc Savage!

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  3. Love to see Doc Savage. Wish I still had that comic!

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