An EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW saluting 80 years of Cap — and Kirby and Simon!

Marvel is celebrating Captain America’s 80th anniversary this month and they’ve got a red, white and blue salute planned for March 17 — the Captain America Anniversary Tribute #1 one-shot, featuring a platoon of modern artists paying re-creating the work of Jack Kirby, Joe Simon and Stan Lee.

The $6.99, 80-pager includes three classic Cap stories — 1964’s The Avengers #4 and two from 1941’s Captain America Comics #1 — re-illustrated in the same one-page-per-art-team vein as 2020’s Giant-Size X-Men #1 Tribute to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.

Adi Granov (aping Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum, natch)

The main Cap cover is by Steve McNiven, the variant is by Mark Brooks and the following pages are by, variously, John Cassaday, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Carmen Carnero, Jim Cheung, Laura Martin, Alex Sinclair and Jason Keith.

Pretty groovy, I’d say.

Oh, and why March 2021? Well, that’s the cover date for Captain America Comics #1 (though — pssst! — it came out at the end of 1940).

In any event, dig this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW:

McNiven’s Avengers #4 tribute

Brooks’ Captain America Comics #1 tribute

John Cassaday and Laura Martin

Carmen Carnero and Jason Keith

Jim Cheung and Jason Keith

Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson and Alex Sinclair


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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