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Swamps and Sith and Giant Robots!

Swamp Thing #1, DC Comics. Len Wein returns to one of his greatest co-creations, and he’s matched perfectly with artist Kelley Jones. Without giving too much away, I’ve read this one already and it’s an excellent, back-to-basics approach, with a cameo by one of DC’s great occult characters.



Star Trek: New Visions #10, IDW. We’re gonna be writing a lot more about Star Trek as this year goes on, what with it being the show’s 50th anniversary this fall. So why not start now, right? New Visions is John Byrne’s series of Star Trek photo-graphic novels that take place during the first Five-Year Mission. It’s sort of a Season 4, because there are a lot of references and sequels to some of the show’s best-known episodes. Reading this is like watching a new episode of the show every issue. Watching it one frame at a time, but you know what I mean.



Paper Girls #4, Image. Are you reading Brian K. Vaughan’s new book with Cliff Chiang? You should. I still haven’t quite figured out the long game, but that’s kind of the point. This one’s a slow burn. A great-looking slow burn.



Star Wars #14, Marvel. I just went back and bought the 1970s treasury editions that reprinted the first six issues of the Marvel series that adapted the movie (then went on to create new adventures). I hope some 10-year-old kid is reading the new series today — by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato — and is getting the same thrill.



Silver Surfer Vol. 3: Last Days TPB, Marvel. This softcover collects the final issues of Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s brilliant, humanistic series. I absolutely cannot wait for the next series to start. This one was my favorite Marvel title for the entire time it was out.


Jet Jaguar bank, Diamond Select. “Jet Jaguar! Jet Jaguar!” The (other) hero of my all-time favorite Godzilla movie — Godzilla vs. Megalon — can stomp onto your shelf, for a mere $25. These Diamond Select banks are one of the best bargains in the merch biz.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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