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Goodbye to an original …

Aimee LoSecco has been with us from the beginning. She’s funny and witty and we’re going to miss her. Sadly for us, she’s leaving the comics retail biz to work with trees. In other words, the real-life Groot and his family in the Bronx. So this is Aimee’s farewell HOT PICKS. Thanks, Aimee, it’s been grand!

Aimee LoSecco, JHU Comic Books, Manhattan

As I close in on my last week in comics, I’m leaving you with a smattering of titles in my wake. I almost made it to 12 years, but now I’ll be working with comics in their raw form. I’ll still be collecting, going to cons, and causing my usual mayhem. So let me impart my last recommendations, ALL TEN OF THEM, before I board the great Valkyrie Drekkar to Valhalla. So thank you all for listening to me prattle on about comics, lo these years. It was a pleasure being weird with you.

Ragnarok Vol. 1 HC, IDW. Uncle Walt is back! You missed a few issues, I know. They sold out really quickly. But do not fear — Walt Simonson’s Norse tale of the end of the Nine Worlds, and the long-simmering vengeance that is the aftermath, has returned in trade. Bonus: Walt is signing this Wednesday at JHU Comic Books!  As usual, I’ll be working security. Come say hi to your Uncle Walt and bye to your Uncle Aimee!



Clean Room #2 from Vertigo and Secret Six #8 from DC! Double your fun with Gail Simone! Word!




The Infinite Loop TPB, IDW. Do you like Quantum Leap? Orphan Black? Ladies who dig ladies? This is the book for you! Teddy, a time cleaner, is tasked to erase the anomalies that are created during time travel. Here’s the kicker: She’s fallen in love with a winsome anomaly, her entire department is after her for treason, and now she has to woman up and fight for her right to love.



Mighty Thor #1, Marvel. Jane Foster (I knew it was her all along, I told you guys, you just didn’t listen). Sure, she’s kicking ass and taking names of Frost Giants, Malekith, Odinsson… well, you get the picture. Now she’s against the enemy inside her. The Big C. Nothing’s more ironically humbling than a mortal god. Heavy is the head that wields the hammer….



Ms. Marvel #1, Marvel. Kamala Khan is back! She’s a legit Avenger now too! G. Willow Wilson brings us new tales of our favorite teen superhero. Yes, she’s our favorite now. I just made it a thing.



Lumberjanes #20, Boom! Because it’s Mother Jones-loving Lumberjanes! Go look up Mother Jones. The real one, not the mag. I’ll tell you what I told Shannon Watters and Brooke Allen: Lumberjanes gives me that “new comic day feeling,” which is almost impossible for old-timer comic retailers like me.

If you haven’t picked this book up, and a part of me envies you for being able to discover this book, get the To the Max hardcover of Volume 1, which is out today too! It has EVERYTHING, and Boom! is getting more of my hard-earned money. You get issues 1-8, all the covers, mix tapes, Boom! Box Tape short story, and other secret goodies! All the exclamations!!!

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Huck #1, Image. Mark Millar’s latest outing takes us on the journey of a young man who makes it his business to do one good deed each day. Sound hard? Not when you have the gifts that he’s got, and live in a community that keeps it a secret. But what happens when that secret gets out? Find out in this new series, drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. 



Rachel Rising #37, Abstract Studios. In a preemptive strike, Rachel goes public. Shit just got real.


Dimitrios Fragiskatos, manager, Midtown Comics’ Grand Central location, Manhattan

Our Expanding Universe, Top Shelf. One of the most inspirational graphic novels I have ever read was Alex Robinson’s Box Office Poison. It was more than 500 pages of an endearing ensemble cast growing up and finding themselves. Our Expanding Universe promises to be that with a whole new cast, and I seriously cannot wait to read it.

Scott Tipton, Co-Owner, Blastoff Comics, North Hollywood, Calif.

Catwoman: A Celebration of 75 Years, DC Comics. These collections hit a lot more than they miss, so I’m willing to take a chance on this one.

DC Icons Deadman action figure, DC Collectibles. This new line of figures is the first DC line I’ve been excited about in years, other than the Batman Animated line. I particularly like the Deadman “shroud” to place over your other figures when they’re “possessed” by Boston Brand.


The Infinite Loop TPB, IDW Publishing. My favorite new series of the year, bar none. Romantic, smart and compelling science fiction. Recommended to anyone with two eyes to read and a heart to feel. By Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier.

Ms. Marvel #1, Marvel. Another chance to get in on the ground floor of one of Marvel’s best new characters in years.

Ted Alexander, manager, Midtown Comics’ Downtown location, Manhattan

Huck #1, Image. Mark Millar is on a tear as of late. He has really gotten into a groove and I have been digging everything he has been putting out.  From Jupiter’s Circle to Chrononauts, he has been producing some winners. Huck looks to be another one. Plus art by Rafael Albuquerque is a major plus.  Don’t miss out.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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