HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week

SECRET WARS!!! Oh, and Wonder Woman ’77! And Descender! And Donald Duck! And MORE!

Scott Tipton, Co-Owner, Blastoff Comics, North Hollywood, Calif.

Wonder Woman ’77 #1, DC Comics. Who doesn’t love the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman? And Drew Johnson’s art looks fantastic. I can stock this right next to Batman ’66. DC, get me a Christopher Reeve Superman title and we’re in business. (Note from Dan: What he said.)


Empire TPB, IDW Publishing. Happy to finally have this back in print and able to recommend it to our customers. One of Mark Waid’s most underrated works, and one of his best.

Secret Wars #1, Marvel. The Great Big Event of the summer begins here! Marvel’s throwing lots of their top talent at this thing, so I have high hopes for a well-planned “Crisis”-type crossover event.

Aimee LoSecco, JHU Comic Books, Manhattan

After the hoopla and mishigas of Free Comic Book Day, the only thing I can remember that’s coming out is:

Rat Queens Vol. 2 TPB, Image Comics. The long-awaited sequel is here! Amid controversy and instant sell-out issues, the second story arc is collected for your booze, sex, and fight-filled enjoyment! What else happens? Well, we learn that Palisade may be safe from outside intruders, but not from within, and the past will catch up with one of our heroines. Bonus: cut-out Valentine cards! Which means you have to buy two copies.


Tim Finn, Hub Comics, Somerville, Mass.

Wuvable Oaf, Fantagraphics. Ed Luce‘s series, starring an ex-wrestler and his cats, as he (the wrestler, not Ed Luce) searches for love.


Usagi Yojimbo: Senso HC, Dark Horse. Dark Horse, just skip to the softcover! We can sell that forever! All we can do with this hardcover is donate it to a library. (Which we’ll do.) Anyway, War of the Worlds comes to feudal Japan and your favorite characters sacrifice themselves in Stan Sakai‘s big, strange, perfect return after a few years’ absence from Usagi.

Mimi and the Wolves Vol. 1, Alternative Comics. Hic & Hoc continue their new relationship with Alternative Comics. Affairs! Alliances! Somewhere near children’s literature is this dark probing of more mysterious themes.

Donald Duck: The Pixilated Parrot, Fantagraphics. Tim Finn Hub Comics Carl Barks duck comics broken record… broken record…


Dimitrios Fragiskatos, manager, Midtown Comics’ Grand Central location, Manhattan

Descender #3, Image Comics. Initially I thought this was a Pinocchio story or a MegaMan story or an Astro Boy story or a Steven Spielberg‘s AI-type story. Yes, it is about  a robot boy, and if those themes are intended to be there, this story has quickly taken an unexpectedly dark turn, as violent scavengers that have quickly murdered each other are after TIM-21, our robot boy protagonist. In the last issue we saw that he was taken away from what he perceived to be his family, and given to a wealthy one to be a plaything for the daughter. Now he is abandoned on a mining colony trying to piece together what happened. Credit to writer Jeff Lemire, for understanding comics narrative and artist Dustin Nguyen for delivering some of his most beautiful pages yet.

Secret Wars #1, Marvel Comics. The Marvel Universe is gone. There is nothing left except the Secret Wars. Now we will all watch as writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic deliver the most anticipated and biggest event ever. Everything died, now the real adventure begins!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The BEST EVER–Wonder Woman ’77 #1, DC Comics. Who doesn’t love the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman? And Drew Johnson’s art looks fantastic.

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