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Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

Absolute Superman by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, DC. Other than John Byrne’s Man of Steel and his earliest issues, these are the best Superman comics I’ve ever read. Mostly. Johns and Frank gave us a de facto Reeve/Donner comics universe well before the official Superman ’78 comics came along. (I mean, check out that logo!) My only peeve is that the story’s ending isn’t satisfying because it largely sets up the following year’s forgettable storylines by others.

Gatchaman #1, Mad Cave Studios. I was a big Battle of the Planets fan as a kid, but it’s only been within the last six months or so that I’ve seen the original Japanese Gatchaman. My son and I have been watching from the beginning and we’re 80 episodes in, with 25 (and a movie) to go. It is excellent. So I’m buying this on spec, with the idea that I’ll read it (and the Free Comic Book Day #0 issue) after we’re done. (Spoilers, y’know.) My preferred cover is interior artist Chris Batista’s because it most closely resembles the animation.

Gatchaman: Ken — Deathmatch #1, Mad Cave Studios. A one-shot starring Ken the Eagle. There will be other offshoots too. I’m gonna try them all (assuming I like the main title).

Godzilla #1, Marvel. So happy for this. It’s Marvel’s only Facsimile Edition so far this year that isn’t Secret Wars, Amazing Spider-Man or something mutant. (Though I suppose Godzilla is a mutant, right?)

Scott Tipton, columnist, 13th Dimension

Harley Quinn #41, DC. This cover by Sweeney Boo is so much fun.

Zatanna: Bring Down the House #1, DC. Always looking for a good Zatanna tale.

The Defenders Epic Collection Vol. 2: Enter the Headmen, Marvel. So much classic ’70s Marvel weirdness herein.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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