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Howard the Duck? Check. Spider-Gwen? Check. PLUS: Some Bone, some Incal. You know, some CLASSICS!

Mark Waid, Aw Yeah Comics!, Muncie, Ind.

Howard the Duck #1, Marvel. Having read an advance copy, I’m eager to recommend this to everyone, and I’m a tough sell when it comes to creators playing with Steve Gerber‘s unique and singular creations. A “fun” book like this will never sell stratospherically, but it’ll find its audience. A good read.


Spider-Gwen #2, Marvel. Couldn’t keep #1 in stock at our store, hardly, and we ordered generously.

Copperhead Vol. 1, Image. We’re going to push this in our store. It’s a good, clever read — a science-fiction Western with a smart female lead. The singles did okay for us, but I think the collection will do quite well if we hand-sell it.

Aimee LoSecco, JHU Comic Books, Manhattan

Spider-Gwen #2, Marvel. Hot on the heels of Issue #1 is your second installment of Spider-Woman goodness! Yes, technically she’s Spider-Woman. I’m not giving away any spoilers (because I read it two weeks ago, muahahahaha!) but a Spider-Verse fan fave comes for a visit while Gwen tries to sort out her life, her band, her dad, her vigilantism… You know, the biggies. And what’s up with the Vulture? You’ll find out whom he’s answering to. Do NOT miss this issue!

Southern Cross #1, Image. Becky Cloonan’s latest foray introduces us to Alex Braith, travelling to a refinery moon to investigate her sister’s death… or murder? If you enjoyed Winter’s Bone and Snowpiercer, this book’s for you. I mean, it’s an Image #1, give it a shot anyway, right?


Bone Vol. 1 Tribute Edition, Cartoon Books. Sure, you own Bone in the original B&W editions, and maybe you gave the color softcovers to your kids. This edition? This one’s for you. Or your coworker whose birthday is coming up and kinda sorta likes comics, maybe? This tribute edition is the first arc, Out of Boneville, in color, with 48 EXTRA PAGES of top-notch talent like Kate Beaton, Raina Telgemeier and Doug TenNapel.  You get ALLLLLL THIIIIS for only $14.99. That totally sold you on it, didn’t it? I know, I’m getting one too.

Ted Alexander, manager, Midtown Comics’ Downtown location, Manhattan

Howard the Duck #1, Marvel. Never was a big fan of this fowl character and that’s only because I couldn’t see him “in the world outside my window.” I am a huge fan of Chip Zdarsky, so I’m going to give the Duck another chance. From what I have seen of Chip, he has the sense of humor that will make such a ridiculous character readable. This one will turn into a huge hit.

Spider-Gwen #2, Marvel. That was a pretty great first issue wasn’t it? I like how we were just dumped into this world with very little back story. The first issue reminded me of the first regular Spider-Man team. Just full of fun and innocence!


Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1, Boom! Being a Ted myself, the original movie was a big part of me when I younger. I actually had a buddy named Bill, so you can imagine how much fun that was around school at the time. It was the first movie that we would quote to each other and others in the class. Basically, it made a huge imprint on me. Glad to see that we finally will get around to the continuing adventures of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan. Wyld Stallyns rules!

Tim Finn, Hub Comics, Somerville, Mass.

Howard the Duck #1, Marvel. Chip Zdarsky is a weird, creative guy. I don’t know he’s the 2010s version of Steve Gerber, but he’s definitely funny and subversive, so he’s a great pick to write this. Joe Quinones draws so much personality into his characters, and can do so many genres (though you’ve only seen him draw one or two) and has instantly made Howard his own. What a fun, odd surprise that that movie cameo turned into a monthly book!

Final Incal, Humanoids. We sell a copy of The Incal (sigh, when it’s in print) every three weeks. The prequel is slower, but between these and Metabarons (back in print last week!), it’s so important to have such representation from Europe. The real star here is the art — Moebius and Ladronn on two possible endings for the story in one package. Go watch that documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, too.


The Surface #1, Image Comics. The guy who writes Zero and the guy who drew Get Jiro! and the gal who colors Moon Knight, and it’s weird sci-fi.


Hellbreak #1, Oni Press. The guy who writes The Sixth Gun and the guy who draws Get Jiro! and the guy who colors Hellboy and BPRD, and it’s a special forces team rescuing souls from one of a thousand hells.

Dimitrios Fragiskatos, manager, Midtown Comics’ Grand Central location, Manhattan

SPOILERS AHOY! New Avengers #31, Marvel Comics. With three issues left of the uncontested, best series Marvel Comics is putting out now, the world is waiting with baited breath for what will happen next. Here’s what we know so far: Universes have died, leaving only a select few. The Iluminati was reformed in order to save the 616 Universe. Doctor Strange has given up his soul completely. Namor has formed the murderous Cabal in order to do what the Illuminati couldn’t — which is actively kill these universes. The Cabal has just met the sociopathic Ultimate Reed Richards. Hank Pym has returned, finding that the threat behind everything is the Beyonders, an-extra dimensional race that has killed all the cosmic gods of the universe, including the Celestials, Order and Chaos, Eternity and the Living Tribunal. Secret Wars is happening this summer. Earth is the new Battleworld. Nothing will ever be the same again (or maybe some things will be the same like Peter Parker being Spider-Man, etc).


Author: Dan Greenfield

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